Winning, let’s be done losing

Having a winning attitude during the whole time your fighting off addictions/addictive behaviors is a real game changer, although at some point or another someone more experienced/older might nudge you into a different direction. Not necessarily will it be your most popular idea of winning, but a proven idea of how to win each and every day. Sometimes addicts whether sober or not become restless from the fight.

Winning attitudes don’t necessarily have to guilt you into being egotistical, if you can accept change and criticism and quietly/silently (from the heart) empathize with others; I assume you’re doing fine if not better. Sometimes our past injustices and mistakes with family, friends or romantic partners are so badly affected that it may seem like your family is worse than you are sober; than as to when you were when you were high. This is a hard challenge to manage and overcome for most all addicts, myself included.

In today’s age of overstimulation from social media, it’s hard to quiet oneself (at least for me it is) Let’s just hope the youth following behind us are more technologically addicted instead of addicted to harmful substances that can kill. like new inhalants.

Addiction can strike us in any form it could be a new crush, a new research chemical you take a liking to. There’s a huge chance you know it could be your next downfall but sometimes we lack the power to resist. In sharing I re-build my power and ability to resist certain temptations but that’s not to say they will never come to surface again and need to be defeated.

Addictions are such a cunning enemy, I hate having them as I could imagine you do as well. Even though in some cases after we get sober/clean we feel an empowerment there still lies a certain difficulty in re gaining trust, love and respect from those that matter to us and are ultimately forever thankful we haven’t died during are using days.

Guilty it looks like I haven’t given any specific advice on how to repair family relationship, as much as I want to. Doing that is still very much a work in progress for me. Please feel free to drop a comment below.


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