Avoid drinking in your dying days

Your dying days should not ultimately be defined by anyone else other than yourself (unless however a tragic accident or heath complication) Drinking alcohol heavily naturally brings on cirrhosis of the liver. As presented obviously in the picture above.

I am trying to work toward a good end life cutting out drugs and alcohol seems more than necessary to me its a matter of life and death. If I drink I may die. If I get the wrong batch of drugs I could die instantly. At one point because of depression and the person I was with it seemed like that might be a good outcome. I was wrong, living a life preparing for my nineties seems a lot more meaningful at this point in time.

I want my dying days or years near the end of my life to be a good time, and I see that’s it’s possible with enough clarity having a sober mind. I can’t handle substances, so many times I’ve taught myself the lesson “I can’t handle substances.” Sometimes I return to the darkness where I get so intoxicated that all hell breaks loose. Thankfully today isn’t one of those times. I’m grateful and happy to be alive and sober. I’d spent a great number of years blaming others for my misfortunes, of course most every addict does this. But moving on past that way of thinking definite takes a fair amount of time to re-wire your thoughts.

Sometimes the people close to us use phrases like; “Nobody forced you to.” , “You did this yourself.” –And these people think they’re helping while they are not. I wish it wasn’t so hard to be an addict, sometimes it feels like nobody even wants you to grow up, and out of the old behavior patterns because they know how to antagonize you and try to rule your life. Enjoy this book link from Allan Carr

But being sober today and knowing I decided that and made that choice for myself I am free. It might take some time to heal up from the misfortunes but I know I’ll get there. “One day at a time.”


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