How I created this blog

What I believe about blogging is the content should be original, from the heart type stuff. I started in June, of 2024. I’ve struggled with various issues and addictions for about two-thirds of my life. “This is my outlet, this is my space.”

I had a friend who knew little about how to set up his eCommerce website he wanted to run about a product I’m not eager to discuss. Either way he paid $200 flat for about 8 hours of labor getting his site to his exact liking. So I started this site for myself.

I used $50 to register for one-year. On year two I expect that cost to double, because of lack of coupons/promotional offers (but that’s okay.) You can follow this link for 10% off your first website!

In continuing forward about content being from the heart, I must say that you should know your subject material. I’d love to talk about budgeting every post but currently that just isn’t possible for me. However maintaining my sobriety and sharing that with other’s through my blog is almost free-of-charge for me.

Here’s A LINK to the site where I host my blog. It’s called and I believe they have great service If you decide to create your own blog and would like my help just email me. There is a possibility in the future I will create a more ‘in-depth’ how-to start a blog post, but for now this is how it looks.