Love strong coffee, don’t you?

Here’s the coffee I’m going to be having, I’ve always found kicking horse to be a great strong coffee. I think they have one bean called “Kick Ass” or something. I must say Kicking Horse Coffee is one of my top favorites.

(You can click the image above to be directed where to buy it)

Extremely guilty I am for being addicted to caffeine but it doesn’t bother me so much. It isn’t robbing my morality, bank balance and health. I do wish I could drink less of the stuff, but I like being alert and ready. I’m not trying to kick (no pun intended) my caffeine addiction right now but I’m always changing – maybe in a week I’ll want to slow down my coffee consumptions. For now I’ve cut out sugar from my morning coffee so that’s a start to better health.

What Green Tea I’m trying next

An affordable Green Tea I’m trying next called “Four O’Clock” I will report back how well it goes on it’s own. It’s Canadian made so for me I have nothing wrong with supporting your locals. If you have any suggestion about other tea’s I should try leave in the comments!

for 16 bags, less than $5.00

For a very long time acquaintances have suggested I relax over a tea. I think I’m finally ready to start taking the masses common advice. I’ve tried to be unique for over a quarter century and I’m not exactly where I’d like to be in most areas of my life. I’m sure I will recover and achieve like I have before. With or without the tea, haha!

I would like to mention I’m practically doing this all alone, I have gone through enough courses and rehabs to know drugs and alcohol are a bad thing for myself. I earned all the tools I need so far in life to maintain my sobriety I just need to follow through with actions in order to succeed. I hope from me sharing you find strength in yourselves as well.


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