My first 168 hours on life’s terms

Well internet audience it’s been a whole week of posting about what life on life’s terms means to me. I’m happy to be sober today and I hope you have found my posts warming. I’m sort of kidding when I say it’s only been 168 hours, if you have read through my posts thus far you’d know I’ve been trying to get where I’m going much longer. Twenty-Five plus years roughly.

Once I remove my obstacles I’ll be better, first thing being I need to understand that drugs and drinking could mean death to me. Although the seriousness might not be quite the same for you, I know there are many others who agree. Being an addict for me was like coming in last place in every competition life brings. Choosing not to be as such may seem simple for the lay person. But not those who are unfortunately addicted.

Roughly twenty years ago my main addiction was food. I was 300 pounds and loving it. Some people said I had a sort of John Candy smile, so I embraced my fatness for quite awhile. I have successfully encouraged one other person I know of to give up sweets and begin walking to shed the weight. So that makes my heart smile.

I do believe that when we are suffering from disease or addictions, if we get the opportunity to help someone else it strengthens our sobriety. Pretty sure that’s how it should work.

Along with obstacles another problem I face and I’m sure many others do is self doubt. If you get into a downward spiral of self doubt. Quickly, you can return to active addiction which could lead to death. Let’s not try to go down the path of death.

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