Father’s Day, dream of retiring

Who doesn’t ever at one point in life dream about retirement, from working so hard your whole like until possibly owning your own home & cottage. I think that when the time comes I’d be getting some of these for my garden. Who wouldn’t want solar powered anything? It’s definitely decorative and if it’s sun powered it isn’t going to increase the electrical bill one cent.

I say I will have a garden when I reach my retirement home, which I really think tomato seeds and some other vegetables would be a huge priority. I really like the idea of growing veg. for myself because it’s going to save money, although doing so present day is impossible. Thinking ahead to a brighter future is always on my mind.

But really, what is retirement age nowadays? I picture myself content by 65 but given the rate everything goes up in price. maybe 85 is a more realistic number. It’s sad to think that, although staying off drugs and alcohol will increase my body strength and longevity to stay inn the work force. Staying as healthy as possible is beneficial for anyone whether they are an addict or not.

My grandfather is turning 95 this year, he’s a little forgetful but he’s content where he’s at. I picture myself dreaming even bigger as to be able to possibly vacation somewhere warm when I make 65.

Here is my suggested list of Gifts for Dad. I’m sure it might be a bit late, but amazon is pretty speedy with next day deliveries on so on. Father’s day is a special day for me, as a young boy I would always gift my father and grandfather. And they both are still alive and well.. If today is a day of missing and remembering yours I do hope that you can stay sober throughout any discomfort you might face.

As we age things pass like I said before “This to shall pass.” My grandfather doesn’t have a garden and he never did but I think it’d be great to achieve that once I have my own space to turn into a small vegetable farm land.


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