Intro “Life on Life’s Terms”

– and what that means to me today

I need to be strong, face all obstacles with positivity. Not getting stuck in my old ways of negative thinking. Avoiding people that bring me down, while being caring and considerate of all other’s feelings and emotions.

Sometimes people like myself experience life threatening addictions, and after you conquer that and become sober. It’s hard to explain to the ones who raised us. why.

Why, we made the choices we had made. Addiction to anything is like an escape, or a high. It’s common knowledge that if someone’s going to overcome their addiction or substance abuse. Mostly all of the work has to come from the person who is desiring the change within.

Maybe miraculously recovering from your past addictions wasn’t the path you took; and maybe it was. I do hope that you find everything I share on this blog helpful in one way or another.

Thank You for reading my very first blog post. Please make a return visit or put me in your bookmarks.


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